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The Alliance of International Education (H.K.) AIEHK is a globally recognized organisation providing a timely response to the growing demand for specialist qualifications and multi-professional learning in a fast developing, dynamic world.

Professionals from all walks of life, looking to enrich their educational development and acquire the necessary skills to meet the rapidly changing requirements of their jobs or transform their careers, can trust in our first class, comprehensive and personalized services.

In our endeavor to promote a life-long education, which will enable students to build successful careers and have a lasting impact on their professional satisfaction, we offer a variety of educational programmes to suit individuals with specific needs and goals.  In addition to supplying extensive education resources, detailed institutional information and superb study facilities, we advise students on the best educational pathway to suit them, and we pride ourselves on the unequaled, continuous support and counsel which forms a fundamental part of our service.

To maintain our position at the cutting edge of excellence in education, we strive relentlessly to develop our business by reacting effectively to the constant need to adapt to market forces within the field of further education. In order to expand our already substantial range of programmes, we are establishing solid, long-term relationships with prestigious universities that will collaborate with us to form successful and mutually beneficial partnerships.


The Alliance of International Education (H.K.) AIEHK is a young, energetic company located in the heart of Hong Kong.  It was established in 1999 following years of economic downturn in Hong Kong and the subsequent concern among professionals, who realized the need to develop their skills and education in order to improve their career prospects.  This increased interest can also be attributed to the Government incentive of low-interest loans, which were part of a move to encourage more people to take the steps necessary to fall in line with new technologies and an increasing trend towards globalization.  It was also at this point that the founders of AIEHK became acutely aware of the growing need for an intermediary service that could coordinate exceptionally specialized programmes of study with a network of support.

AIEHK has accumulated many years of valuable experience working within the field of health care education and has thus developed a deep insight into the many difficulties faced by students seeking a programme of study, which befits their goals.  To ensure students reach their full potential and gain optimum results with lasting effects on the advancement of their careers, they have created a highly personalized service, earning the esteem and recommendation of former progamme participants.

Over the past twenty one years, AIEHK has offered over six thousand students the opportunity to study in the offshore Bachelor of Science programme and two Masters of Science programmes in health care and/or nursing studies disciplines at Oxford Brookes University in the UK.  At present, there are more than four thousand registered health care practitioners who are the graduates of Oxford Brookes University contributing to the local health care settings in Hong Kong.

The awards obtained from all those programmes are of great benefit to local health care professionals who wish to extend their specialist knowledge or enhance career prospects.  AIEHK has already been well known in creating a platform for life-long learning and support the development of marketable skills and education at an international level in the health care sectors of Hong Kong.  This has further been proved by being the first private educational institution in Hong Kong accredited by the Nursing Council of Hong Kong as a provider of Continuing Nursing Education (CNE)


As an educational organization that places great emphasis on its commitment to students at all stages of their programmes, one of AIEHK’s principle concerns is the need to provide a fully comprehensive and personalized service.  The quality and range of their services are designed to create an accessible, comfortable environment that is conducive to effective study and research.

Their renovated and fully equipped facilities include three conference rooms, three spacious classrooms, a teaching faculties’ office and a student common room comprising of a cyberstation, leisure corner and study area.

The conference room is ideally suited to small meetings such as tutorials, seminars and other student or staff gatherings.  Located in the office area is a cyberstation which students engaged in distance study programmes are able to access a wide range of ebooks and online journal articles more than ever before.

To facilitate the seminars, which consist of at least one week of study with a few visiting faculties from the university, AIEHK have installed three sizable classrooms.  All are equipped with essential audio-visual equipment, LCD projector, projector screen and network connection.

The student common room is designed to meet the same high standards and requirements of facilities at a university campus and students are strongly encouraged to take full advantage of its resources. Students have unrestricted access during the office opening hours.

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