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Student Support

Student Support

Student support will be provided through a number of different channels:

Free Student Workshops

3-day Study Skills Workshop for MSc Students To enable students developing their writing skills in higher education.
Computer Tutorial Workshop for BSc Students To Equip students with basic computing knowledge including the use of Microsoft Word.
Computer Tutorial Workshop To assist students searching e-journals from University’s electronic library and "University Webmail" to communicate with the teaching faculties.

From University

Programme Lead The Programme Lead who also acts as an Academic Advisor and will provide general academic support as well as personal support.
Assignment Support Students are able to submit an outline and one full draft of individual assignments to their teacher before their assignments are due. The lecturer will provide full feedback on their work before the final submission.
English Language Support for BSc Students The first module Study Skills for Health Care Professionals enables students to develop their writing skills in higher education.
University E-library Students are able to access thousands of electronic journals, textbooks and / or references from the University electronic library.


Local Library A wide range of relevant textbooks and reference materials are available.
Computer Lab Students have unrestricted access to the Internet and e-mail during the opening hours.
Tutorial Rooms Ideally suited for small meetings between students and teaching staffs.
Sizable Classrooms Well equipped with LCD projectors, overhead projectors, audio-support, TV, whiteboard, etc.
Experienced Administrative Staff Providing close contact, professional advice and relevant administrative support.